Application Guide Without Service Fee Guide you how to apply for studying in Tongren Polytechnic College & Study in trzy


1. Documents required for study visa application:

1 Passport (scanned copy)

2) Academic record (scanned copy)

3)  Health check form (scanned copy). Please use the health check form we provide you.

4)  College Application Form

Study Visa application requires 30 to 45 days. We’ll keep you updated.

5)Curriculum Vitae

6)Non-criminal Record

Study Visa is for the purpose of study only. Students are not allowed to use study visa to work or travel. Otherwise the study visa shall be cancelled.

2. Fees to be charged (CNY): tuition3500, study materials 700, dormitory 1200, health check 300 (to hospital), stay permit 400 (to police station), taking photo for stay permit: 40 (to police station), insurance 600 (to insurance company).

All fees should be paid clear on registration day, otherwise student can’t get stay permit.

3. Students should follow school regulations and attend class regularly. Unexplained absences are not accepted.

4. Tongren is a developing city. The campus is about ten minutes away from city by bus. The dormitory provides basic facilities for students. Students should live on campus.

5. Passport is kept by the school during study time.

6. Please inform and register in the local police station within 24 hours of your arrival if you are not in Tongren during your school year.

7. The college has HSK center and the test is held here several times each year.

8. The address of our school is as follows:

Address:New Campus in Chuan dong, Tongren Polytechnic College, Tongren City, Guizhou Province, P.R.C.

If you come by train, the destination train station is 铜仁(Tongren).

If you come by plane, the destination airport is 铜仁凤凰机场 (Tongren Fenghuang Airport)

9. How to pay:

Remittance in China国内汇款:

Account Name:Tongren Polytechnic College铜仁职业技术学院
Account Number:133006439211
Bank Name:Bank of China Tongren Xinhua Branch中国银行铜仁新华支行

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